Shot by Olivia Emes

Shot by Olivia Emes

About Me

Athena Anastasiou is an artist, photographer and founder of London’s Pop Up Art Collective Meet The Artists. M.T.A has represented over 100 emerging artists from London, across 5 events and recently collaborated with Creative Debuts in Shoreditch.

Athena is a post graduate from Central St Martins, and is best known for her vibrant and eclectic large scale oil paintings produced from her studio in Dalston, East London.

Her early roots are in music photography, with clients ranging from Abbey Road, The Roundhouse and Red Bull Studios. Now focusing on her art, she paints large scale portraits and other themes, while performing live art in various European cities.

Two areas of exploration for the artist are empowerment and community; how we can unite cultures through the revolutionary tool of ART.